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By The Landscape Yard in Limestone Paving Friday, April 07, 2017

According to James Pope-Hennessy the revered travel writer there is an “ancient English longing for the south”, he wrote these words over 60 years ago but we all know what he meant, we all have that yearning to be far away from our everyday lives and to wander through sun lit Olive groves, Lavender fields and the vineyards of Provence. It may be a romantic idyll to yearn for the vast French blue skies and wander through a rocky, herb covered landscape, then drink fine wine on a stone clad terrace under a star filled sky in unaccustomed warmth. Unfortunately we cannot all live in Aix en Provence, however if you want to recreate that romantic idyll by landscaping your garden at home what better way is there than to start by using some French style limestone paving for your terrace or in a walled garden setting surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean planting.

Now that spring is here - it’s time to turn your patio into that little piece of southern France. The Landscape Yard offers Stonemarket Trustone Cotsdale, a French style limestone paving this is a natural stone full of stunning French character it is the perfect paving choice to recreate that corner of Provence. A project pack of Trustone Cotsdale will cover nearly 12 m2. For the French garden design feel try planting around the patio using different varieties of Lavender including French Lavender. Rosemary and Sage can be planted to fill out larger spaces in the border, a gnarled old olive tree can be planted as a focal point. The older the tree the more character will be imparted on the space. Try climbing a vine over a classically styled pergola to provide shade on a hot August afternoon. For an architectural feel a fig tree could be tucked away in a sunny well - drained corner. If you do not wish to have a lawn then use a golden gravel with our DRIVEGRID this can be cut out and planted using Thyme and Chamomile dotted through the gravel these are both plants that can be walked on and will fill the air with wonderful rich herb aromas. For further dry garden landscape ideas or to see Mediterranean planting then visit Beth Chatto’s garden at Clacton in Essex or visit the Dry Garden at RHS Hyde Hall near Chelmsford also in Essex. The Cambridge Botanic garden has also recently completed a new garden area full of Mediterranean planting style.

To enhance the feeling of French character and provide the garden designer look use shabby chic furniture, such items can be found in reclaim yards, or shops specialising in shabby chic. Look out for tables, chairs, plant racks, and lanterns that have been painted and distressed to provide age, old ceramic pots planted with geraniums are perfect to place amongst the herb border. The cooling effect of a water feature is always welcome so if that’s your thing then a millstone type bubble fountain would add the gentle sound of burbling water and movement to your patio. Shabby chic however may not be to every ones taste if that is the case then Trustone Cotsdale can be used along with other darker materials to provide an elegant contrast, try a more modern twist using Stonemarket Exilis split face walling or Stonemarket Nero quartzite on raised planters if you need to edge planted borders then arctic granite edgings in midnight would be ideal, you could even compliment the colours of Stonemarket Cotsdale paving using Exilis sawn caramel to pick out the colours of the French limestone patio.

It has been scientifically proven by Cambridge University researchers that a glass of wine a day is beneficial for your health, so why not enhance your lifestyle with a new patio of Stonemarket Cotsdale French Style Limestone and enjoy a warm summers evening drinking a glass of chilled French rose wine to add to the whole French Provencial experience. Once your new terrace has been installed you will want to share the atmosphere with your friends so what better way would there be to hold a pop up restaurant cooking meals using fresh herbs, picked only a few moments ago from your new beautiful Provence inspired garden. Extend the evening by installing subtle lighting played across the planting and gently up lighting your carefully chosen garden features, hang candle lit lanterns from the pergola to create extra atmosphere. As we know summer evenings can become somewhat chilly so the addition of a fire bowl to the terrace would be a classic French detail.

Trustone Cotsdale Limestone is a hard durable Dolomitic limestone with subtle colours of cream, and warm light brown shades. Cotsdale has a generally smooth surface typical of all limestone its sawn edges provide a modern clean finish it is ideally suited to provide the sense and feel of a French garden design. Cotsdale can be used in both traditional and modern settings and will compliment any house. Cotsdale paving is calibrated to provide a consistent thickness for ease of laying and available in 11.69m2 project packs.

If you wish to try some French garden design style in your own garden you could do no better than starting by purchasing some Trustone Cotsdale paving from The Landscape Yard. You can order online securely with delivery in 3 to 5 days, however should you require additional advice you can also email The Landscape Yard or call the team on 01536 216460. The Landscape yard supplies customers throughout the UK and Great Britain.