Stonemarket Black Limestone Paving

11.7 sqm Project Pack

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  • Stonemarket Black limestone paving
  • Contemporary paving for modern garden designs
  • Available in a range of patio packs and sizes
  • Diamond sawn edges for a modern look
  • Single sizes and single slabs available
  • Hard wearing dolomitic limestone paving
  • Use black limestone paving indoors and outdoors
  • Use with Fast Point jointing compound
  • Black granite setts compliment this paving
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Black limestone paving
Our black limestone paving is calibrated to 22mm thick for an even thickness, making the paving easy to lay. This black limestone is a hard wearing Dolomitic limestone which is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors in the UK. The surface texture of this paving is generally flat and smooth. The paving has straight cut edges, which have been diamond sawn for a clean, contemporary look for your patio and garden.

Our black limestone is available in project packs and single size packs and you can also buy individual black limestone slabs. To compliment your black limestone paving we also supply black granite setts and black granite steps along with a range of dark grey coloured walling and dark grey driveway block paving to complete the look. We also recommend using our grey jointing compound, which is quick and easy to use, providing a professional finish to your black limestone patio.

Over time black limestone paving will fade in colour to a lighter shade of grey. This is a naturally occuring process and does not effect the strength or quality of the stone. You can seal black limestone paving before, during or after laying with a range of limestone sealants to keep your black limestone paving looking good. Please contact us for more information on sealing black limestone paving.

Stone Type Limestone
Pack Type 855 x 570mm Single Size Pack - 25 pieces
Pack Type 570 x 570mm Single Size Pack - 50 pieces
Pack Type 570 x 285mm Single Size Pack - 100 pieces
Pack Type 285 x 285mm Single Size Pack - 100 pieces
Pack Type Project Pack
Pack Size 11.7 sqm
Stone Thickness 22mm (+/- 3mm)
Paving Size 855mm x 570mm
Qty per Pack 9
Paving Size 570mm x 570mm
Qty per Pack 8
Paving Size 570mm x 425mm
Qty per Pack 10
Paving Size 570mm x 285mm
Qty per Pack 10
Paving Size 285mm x 285mm
Qty per Pack 8
Total Qty per Pack 45 mixed pieces
Stone Colour Black / Dark Grey
Fast Point Use 1 tub per project pack
Stone Dimensions Sizes and coverage are those attained when laid with a 10 - 15mm joint
Stone Cutting Use a standard electric disc cutter or petrol cut off saw with a diamond grit cutting disc for best results